Gentle Birth Method

Welcome to Gentle Birth Method Australia® and to the beginning of a journey that will instill

confidence and trust in your ability to birth naturally.

Founded by Dr Gowri Motha (London based Obstetrician) this effective and proven method is the

key to becoming “BIRTHFIT”. As with any major event, you prepare your body and mind to achieve

the best possible outcome. Pregnancy and labour is no different.

Birth should be a joyous and fearless experience. Your baby deserves a gentle and peaceful entrance

into this world. Gentle Birth Method® will guide and empower you through this journey and provide

you with all the “tools” to achieving BIRTHFITNESS and a gentle birth. 


Benefits of the Gentle Birth Method

Prenatal month by month programme to help you: 

  • Encourage your baby into the best birthing position
  • Have a strong likelihood of a shorter, intervention free labour
  • Reduce anxiety and fear of labour
  • Manage and control pain and contractions
  • Reduce or prevent tearing
  • Eliminate pregnancy ailments such as oedema, back pain, sciatica, heartburn and nausea.
  • Feel happy and in control

Dr Motha’s book Gentle Birth Method is must read for all expectant mothers, the combination of diet, healing techniques, massage and visulaisation has celebrity mums such as Kate Moss, Lady Helen Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella Mccartney and our own Elle Machpherson sail through both pregnancy and childbirth